Our Kittens


Nursery. We have got a new litter

Girl 1 born March 19, 2020 from Polly & Atos. ADOPTED

Boy 1 born March 19, 2020 from Polly & Atos. ADOPTED

Boy 2 born March 19, 2020 from Polly & Atos. ADOPTED


All our babies from past litters ADOPTED and moved to their great homes

We are very thankful to owners of our babies finding time to send us their feedback. Greatly appreciated!

 PAULANA Gandalf and Eowyn ADOPTED together as a bonded pair

“… I just wanted to let you know that Gandalf and Eowyn (Wynnie) are doing very well! Eowyn was shy for the first day and a half, but it out and about now. Gandalf is full of energy and plays until he is so tired, he’ll fall asleep on the spot. They have been coming to sit on our laps or beside us and have been enjoying all the attention from all of us.  I’ll attach a pic! 😊….”


PAULANA Luna Pearl

“Hi, Thank you for the checklist and all your help.  We have decided to call our kitten Luna Pearl. She is doing very well and is very busy playing and exploring. The first day she was quiet and a bit scared but that is all over now.  She is full of beans. Thank you again and I hope your week is going well…”


“…Willow has been incredible. She plays well and snuggles even better! Everyone is loving her so much. Thank you for such a wonderful baby. She is our princess! I know how much these babies mean to you. Willow is loving her time here so far. She sleeps in between our pillows every night ❤️


“Hello, my son wanted me to text you to say thank you for such an amazing kitten she’s exceptionally smart and in his words intelligent and they are beyond thrilled to have Angel she’s a pure joy!”

PAULANA Valentino

“…Valentino had his vet appointment yesterday and the vet said he is very healthy. Valentino is super social he loves to play and cuddle with us. He enjoys climbing his cat tree and playing with his toys. We are so content with our kitty. Thank you for everything!”