How We Do It

We’ve been in love and promoting Chinchilla Silver and Silver Shaded Persians since 1997. They are absolutely lovely and they have got fantastic temperament. We are a boutique kind family cattery  where our cats and kittens live with us. All our breeders are genetically tested at Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis  and they all are PKD Negative Certified.

Located in Calgary AB CANADA, our Cattery is registered with The Canadian Cat Association (CCA – AFC), The International Cat Association (TICA), and The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. © 1987 ® TM (TCA) under the name  PAULANA Cattery.

Our kittens are genetically very healthy, affectionate, and people loving. Their main characteristics probably would be that they are very intelligent and evenly tempered as they can easily adjust to any household with or without children. Being playful, active and alert, they would enjoy sitting on your lap and quiet time for themselves as much as being the center of attention. Kittens from us are also reportedly adapting well and doing great with other pets at home.

We breed exclusively out of hobby, and we use kittens’ adoption fee for covering extensive expenses associated with running a small home based cattery with the highest standard of care for our adult breeding cats and their youngsters.

Kittens offered for adoption regularly dewormed, vaccinated with first dose of FVRCPP vaccine and fully checked by licensed veterinarian with Health Certificate & Certificate of Vaccination provided as a Health Package showing kittens are healthy, free of contagious disease, and have received age appropriate vaccination.  When adopted within Canada, all our kittens are sent home with six weeks of complimentary pet health insurance as a part of our Health Package. To comply with Canadian regulations and to meet best practice criteria, kittens must be a minimum of eight weeks old to be adopted.

SHIPPING: We do shipping within CANADA & to very limited USA destinations by air.  We need to confirm that we can do shipping to your destination.  We are asking for three preferable destination airports to confirm shipping availability. Shipping package fee is extra and includes: kitten airfare, all documentation necessary for acceptance of kitten to the flight, transportation of kitten to drop off location in airline approved pet kennel ready to the flight.

 We always looking for best adoption options for our kittens and we are doing our best to place them in the families that we think fit the most based on an individual kitten’s temperament on case by case basis. We reserve the right to cancel any adoption in progress at our discretion without explanation with full refund.

We do not guarantee any specific appearance of a kitten by the time kitten is fully grown such as eye color or/and color shading, markings.

We greatly appreciate you being interested in our kittens. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We are very responsive as finding the best adoptive families is always in our priority.