We are deeply grateful to the owners of our kittens for taking the time to send us their feedback. Below, we have shared just a few of the many testimonials we receive

PAULANA Lady Opal Lace (Lacie) aka baby name Lil’ Female Chinchilla Silver

“A most wonderful homecoming!! First day and she seems very comfortable here already.  She’s having a nice nap now.   She is having fun and being very lovable with me.  Thx for your kindness! She is sharing so much affection and personality!! Adored and appreciated more than words could describe!! I’m over the moon and very impressed with you in every way.  And…. your kittens are truly exceptional♥️  Thank you”

PAULANA Willow, Female Chinchilla Silver

“Hi Svetlana, I just wanted to give you an update on Willow. She is doing great, she has adjusted well with her big brother Oscar and she seems very happy. Her little personality is really starting to shine now. She is such a gentle little soul and I love her dearly. She had been to the vet and recieved her second booster shot, everyone loved her ànd the vet said she was very calm ànd relaxed. She is doing well. I’m sending a few pictures along. Have a great day, I’ll keep you posted on her progress. Best regards”

PAULANA Oliver, Male Chinchilla Silver Shaded

“Hi Svetlana, he is settling in so well. He is such a doll”

PAULANA Theodor, Male Chinchilla Silver Shaded

“This little baby is so sweet! He was shy in the beginning, then loved playing with the toy you gave us and just now fell asleep…Kitten had a good night and woke up very friendly and playful this morning.”

PAULANA Tofu, Male Chinchilla Silver

“We are naming him Tofu haha Have been playing with him all morning. So cute and playful. Now he is sleeping in his blanket lol Thank you for such a cute baby” Sent from my iPhone

Female Chinchilla Silver Shaded

“Just wanted to send an update Little girl is settling in so well. Haven’t given her a name yet because I’m not sure what suits her yet but tossing around a few ideas. She is SO vocal and doesn’t have a problem telling me how she feels 😂 her and my older kitty are starting to warm up to each other. Little girl absolutely loves her and wants to play all the time. She’s eating and drinking and using her litter perfect. The formula was a great idea she loves it ☺️ I am absolutely in love with her! She is so so sweet and funny Could not be happier!”

PAULANA Leia, Female Chinchilla Silver

“I wanted to thank you again for all that you have done! Leia is doing well. The two cats are getting along so far, cross our fingers. She is exploring every little corner that she can get into. She is such a joy. Thank you again. We will be in touch soon with new pics. Take care”

Chinchilla Silver Boy PAULANA Chewbacca A.K.A.Chewy

“Hi Svetlana, I was going to write to you today. Chewy is settling great, he did not eat the night we got home and was timid, which was to be expected. The next morning he got up and ate with some hesitation. That same evening he ate a lot had a nap. After that, he’s felt great playing lots sleeping lots and eating a good amount about 1/3 of the little can and he loves dry food. He warmed up to my husband first than the girls and me. He seems to be adjusting really well. We have been letting him explore the house at his own pace, he’s not afraid to explore and play.”

Silver Shaded Girl PAULANA Dolly

“Hello Svetlana, just a couple photos of Dolly relaxing. We are enjoying her for sure! Our house is full of cat toys, blanket, climbing tree, and kitty tunnel.  We had to block under the couch and other areas to keep her safe. She seems to enjoy her routine.  Twice now, I have put my hands out and asked if she  wants up, and she stood on her back legs and put her paws up! So cute!  I have made her appointment for her vaccines. Well take care, Margy & Dolly”

Silver Shaded Girl PAULANA Tia

“… Tia loves her playmate (Shih Tzu puppy)! She is doing great! Absolutely perfect kitty 😊 Sent from my iPhone

Chinchilla Silver Girl PAULANA Luna

“…Luna is doing wonderful by the way. She is so sweet and just loves Emily. We have spoiled her with lots of cat toys, cat tree , water fountains which she loves. We had to change her food because she was not eating it. She prefers the kitten wellness soft food. She is a great addition to our family. Sent from my iPhone”

Silver Shaded Girl PAULANA Vada

“Hi Svetlana! I just wanted to update you on our new kitten! We named her Vada and she is so so sweet. It took her until Sunday night to come out on her own and since then she’s been incredibly social and playful. We’re teaching the kids (especially the 2 year old!) to give her space and she’s been so patient with them and loves when they pet her and play with her. It’s only been a few days but it feels like she’s always been part of our household. Thank you again for the wonderful kitten! …”

Silver Shaded Girl PAULANA Smokey

“baby girl settling in very nicely, already came out of her carrier to explore the appartment and enjoy her cat tree! Sent from my iPhone”

 Silver Shaded Boy PAULANA Gandalf and Silver Shaded Girl PAULANA Eowyn ADOPTED together as a bonded pair

I just wanted to let you know that Gandalf and Eowyn (Wynnie) are doing very well! Eowyn was shy for the first day and a half, but it out and about now. Gandalf is full of energy and plays until he is so tired, he’ll fall asleep on the spot. They have been coming to sit on our laps or beside us and have been enjoying all the attention from all of us.  I’ll attach a pic! 😊….”

Chinchilla Silver PAULANA Luna Pearl

“Hi, Thank you for the checklist and all your help.  We have decided to call our kitten Luna Pearl. She is doing very well and is very busy playing and exploring. The first day she was quiet and a bit scared but that is all over now.  She is full of beans. Thank you again and I hope your week is going well…”

Silver Shaded Girl PAULANA Willow

“…Willow has been incredible. She plays well and snuggles even better! Everyone is loving her so much. Thank you for such a wonderful baby. She is our princess! I know how much these babies mean to you. Willow is loving her time here so far. She sleeps in between our pillows every night ❤️

Chinchilla Silver Girl PAULANA Angel

“Hello, my son wanted me to text you to say thank you for such an amazing kitten she’s exceptionally smart and in his words intelligent and they are beyond thrilled to have Angel she’s a pure joy!”

Silver Shaded Boy PAULANA Valentino

“…Valentino had his vet appointment yesterday and the vet said he is very healthy. Valentino is super social he loves to play and cuddle with us. He enjoys climbing his cat tree and playing with his toys. We are so content with our kitty. Thank you for everything!”

PAULANA Chloe, Female Chinchilla Silver

Hello , Just wanted to let you know Luna was spayed today and she is doing well. The vet said she was the best behaved kitten today. She is so sweet and a good big sister to Chloe. I call Luna the babysitter because she follows Chloe around the house to make sure she does not get into trouble. Chloe is doing well and is growing. She is a lot smaller than Luna but very mighty and full of energy. They both have wonderful personalities. We are completely in love with them both.  I hope you and your family are doing well.”